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Top-RAted Hearing healthcare

Hearing Care is Health Care

Caring for your hearing is caring for your overall health. Untreated hearing loss can affect you in many ways, including:
  • Difficulty Conversing
  • Social Isolation
  • Depression
  • Poor Balance
  • Fall-Related Injuries
  • Less Ability to Remember
  • Dementia & Alzheimer's Disease

As we begin the slow and unusual process of re-opening our offices. We want to assure you that we will be taking every precaution to keep everybody safe. Because of this we will not be seeing patients when Colorado Ear Nose and Throat Group is in the office. We will be working around their hours. We are continuing our drive-up hours listed on the other side. We are happy to accommodate you if you need a drive-up service at a time that isn’t listed. The most unfortunate part is, due to this we will be discontinuing our infamous open houses. But please be on the lookout for some other events that we CAN do.

Colorado’s Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) has placed the following requirements as it applies to seeing patients for some time to come.

• Temperatures will be taken prior to entering the room with a no-touch thermometer. If a fever is present, we will not be allowed to work with a patient and cannot return for a minimum of two weeks.

• Currently, we are seeing patients for service/repair issues and to replace hearing instruments that are no longer functioning to the satisfaction of the patient.

• We will be seeing new patients who require hearing aids, and would be happy to discuss the new Medicare supplemental program’s hearing aid benefits with you over the phone or through a Zoom computer chat if necessary, or in-office with the required (outlined below) protective gear.

• While seeing patients, we will be wearing face masks, and will be requiring patients to wear one as well (which we can provide). We understand that this can be a problem for patients that rely on lip reading, and we will do what we can to accommodate.

• While performing testing and wax removal, we will be wearing surgical gloves and face shield as well.

• Keep in mind that we can now do remote programming with most newer hearing aids that connect directly to telephones (some smartphone skills are required).

Audiology Services wants to thank you for your understanding and support throughout this pandemic and hope you all remain safe.

Mandi & Larry Solat
Office: 303-462-4900 | Text: 303-912-6150

Advanced Hearing Healthcare

Our process to better hearing

Dr. Mandi Solat has helped thousands of people achieve better hearing through expert hearing aid selection, real-ear-measurements, and personalized after-care.

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Hearing Test

The first step is a comprehensive hearing evaluation to determine your current hearing abilities.


Hearing Aid Fitting

We'll help you select the best hearing aids for you and fine-tune them using Real Ear Measurements.


After Care

Mandi & Larry provide ongoing support to ensure your hearing aids are working their best for you.

Top-RAted Hearing healthcare

Audiology Services

For nearly 20 years, our practice has provided advanced audiological care to those in the Lakewood, Colorado area. We offer a wide range of hearing healthcare services including: 
  • Hearing Testing
  • Hearing Aid Services
  • Remote Hearing Aid Programming
  • Custom Hearing Protection
  • Tinnitus Management
  • Ear Wax Removal
  • Online Hearing Aid Reservations
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New Hearing Aids

Name-brand hearing aids & audiology services in Lakewood, Colorado from top-rated Audiologist, Dr. Mandi Solat and Larry Solat.

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Meet the audiologist

Dr. Mandi Solat, Au.D.

Dr. Mandi Solat is a Board-Certified Audiologist, and co-owner of Audiology Services & Hearing Aid Center. Dr. Solat and her husband Larry Solat have helped thousands of people in the Lakewood area to hear better through advanced audiological care. Dr. Solat holds a Certificate in Tinnitus Management (CH-TM) from the American Board of Audiology.

Because she herself lives with hearing loss, Dr. Solat is uniquely qualified to understand her patients’ struggles and find solutions.
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