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Services and Appointments

Our top priority at Audiology Services and Hearing Aid Center is your hearing health. That's why we've made scheduling an appointment with us as quick and easy as possible. Our staff is always here to help you through the process, and we guarantee that you'll have a pleasant experience from start to finish.

Ear Wax Removal showing a girl holding her ears happy to have them clean

ear wax removal

Ear wax removal is like a spa experience for your ears! We make it our mission to help you feel comfortable and relaxed during the process.

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Tinnitus and how it effects some people. Showing a woman who is holding her head from tinnitus or a headache.


Did you know a baseline hearing test is recommended starting at age 55-60.  Just as important as an eye check up, get your ears checked too!

A small hearing aid showing the latest technology in hearing aids offered by Audiology Services and Hearing Aid Center

Hearing Aid evaluations & Fitting

We have access to a variety of hearing healthcare services including hearing aid repairs and fittings, and our extended showcase of hearing aids.

Custom Ear Mold or plugs made by Audiology Services and Hearing Aid Center

custom ear

We specialize in providing custom molds for a wide range of applications. if you need some for work, water sports, concerts, sleep, whatever your need, we are here for you!

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